Meet The Directors

At Liverpool Olympic, we are proud of our team of knowledgeable and dedicated directors. Our directors bring a wealth of expertise to our company, having worked in the field of sports management for many years. We are focused on creating a place and purpose for future generations in the improving health awareness in the wider community of South Western Sydney.

Spiros Missiakos
Success comes with getting the best people altogether.

Steven Demertzis
Steven has a philosophy – there is NO such thing as problems – Just solutions.

Klaude Ruhs
Klaude brings a business and property expertise to the team.

Jim Diles
Has a brought stability to the club for almost 40 years.

Kevin Filipakis
His knowledge of soccer is incredible & adds that soccer expertise as is needed.

Peter Georgakopolous
He brings a NO nonsense business to the team and has excellent people management skills.

Sam Kalouris
He has been on the SDSFA board for over 2 decades, which solidifies our relationship with the head soccer board.