You as a parent, player or manager MUST listen to all directions given by a ground controller.  REMEMBER these people have been inducted by SDSFA to ensure the proper running of games including breaches from any team OR person.

These persons will often write a report on unruly behaviour or language from any team or club.  If there is an indescretion and you are called to the district YOU MUST ATTEND.  Failure to do so, SDSFA WILL ban you from all attendences where there is football (soccer) run by the district. untill you attend.

Dont be lulled in a false sense of security, THEY WILL BAN YOU and any club is obliged to contact the police if you resist in leaving any ground.

IN addition if you attend the P and D your penalties can mean a ban for differant periods of time.

Remember if you have a game on either field 1 or 2 YOU MUST manage from the benches set up in the middle of these fields.  IF you see an opposing manager setting up other than this area YOU should advise him or her accordingly.   DONT LET THE GROUND MARSHALL TO DO IT ALL.

REMEMBER no one is allowed in the middle other than registered managers for their teams and committee of Liverpool Olympic.. YOU MUST WEAR THE APPROPRIATE ID CARD, AND THIS MUST BE VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES.

The referee may halt the game if he or she thinks that a person may not be allowed in the middle. The referree may challenge that person and may ask that person to leave the field.   If you are not supposed to be there please leave the middle upon directions of the referree.

You must be outside the fence at Hoxton park EXCLUDING players that have impending matches and managers of these matches.

Parent and spectators that are connected to NON COMPETITIVE teams are allowed to go past the fence via the last exit ONLY and stay well away from the touchline on FEILD 1.  They are allowed to go the MINI FEILD and be between the black lines.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANSES can they walk between the mini field and feild 1 to go to the far feild.  THEY CAN WALK the perimeter of the fence to go to feild 2.