Club History

Liverpool Olympic Soccer Club was formed in 1981 to administer the sport of soccer for the children within the local community of Liverpool. The vision of which the club was build was that of providing a common entity for the unification of the local community, which immediately surrounds us, through the sport of soccer as well as various other social events that the club organises.

Over the years the club has fielded teams playing in the local Southern Districts Soccer Football Association as well as NSW Soccer Federation competitions. Liverpool Olympic recently successfully implemented a youth program to encourage the youth of the area to take up an active roll in sport, which we believe helps in confidence, health, social interaction and the personal development of the young boys and girls. 

We strongly believe in the vision on which it was built. We believe that we have provided a safe haven where children of all ages, make friends through the sport of soccer and have achieved our goal of unifying the local community in the encouragement of soccer.

Liverpool Olympic over the years has had extremely dedicated people working towards the dream, and with that dedication and foresight Liverpool Olympic’s passionate people purchased over 5 acres in the Liverpool District, where eventually soccer fields and club facilities are to be erected. Current staff and committee persons work on a voluntary basis with a passion that the children enjoy the wonderful game of soccer and undertake the various social events that the club organizes.

The club represents a large community based in the Liverpool region and it is very well supported by the local business community. The club has approximately 600 players coaches and managers as well as 1000 members and some of our social functions have attracted up to 800 people.

The Home Ground is Hoxton Park reserve at Hoxton Park, a very rapidly growing area. The finalization of the club amenities building with the addition of a clubhouse has enhanced the exposure of Liverpool Olympic to the district.